Multiplication & Division Practice

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Well, I finally finished some multiplication and division practice sheets for Little Man to do during this summer. We will practice some other things he learned this year such as geometry and fractions. But, I needed something to make sure he didn't slide when it comes to multiplication and division.

So, I came up with a bunch of different sheets for him to do which also includes lots of word problems. Some of them are just plain practice sheets and some incorporate a bit more fun such as Help Miss Kitty multiplication and Yummy Cupcake division grid activities.

There are a total of 28 practice sheets. And, I included answer sheets which makes correcting so much easier.

I have included sheets that incorporate:

  • Single digit multiplication
  • Single digit multiplication with carrying
  • Single digit multiplication with addition
  • Three digit by two digit multiplication
  • Grocery shopping word problems
  • Fill in the mission factors
  • Help Miss Kitty grid multiplication activity
  • Division practice sheets
  • Number bonds-multiplication/division fact families
  • Create your own number bonds
  • Yummy Cupcake grid division activity
  • Help Farmer Brown word problems
  • Word problems incorporating multiplication/division

Here are some examples of what I have included:

And, I know Little Man is going to be so very excited to work on these great word problems. ;)

If you would like some extra practice for your kiddos, you can find these multiplication and division practice sheets here in my store.

Even though we have a summer break I still try to make sure Little Man doesn't slide when it comes to math. That happened to us one year and it took almost two months to get back to where he was from the previous year.  So, we take about 10 minutes three to four times a week to practice some math. And, I do something different each time. For example, one day I will have him practice adding fractions, the next multiplication/division practice, another geometry, and so on. I also look for ways during our day to test his knowledge. I just made chocolate chip cookies recently (and, yes, they were delicious and gooey ;). I doubled the recipe so I had Little Man figure out all the measurements I needed. This was great practice!

It is so easy for kids to slide during the summer months. But, a little practice time goes a long way to creating a more easy and peaceful math start up when we start our new year in August.

So, until next time, I pray God will bless you and keep you.

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Hello Tired, Stressed Mama!

Monday, May 1, 2017

We all have those days, weeks, or (oh, my!) even months when we struggle with being exhausted and stressed out from just taking care of day to day things. When you feel like a walking zombie, your nerves are stretched, and it takes the strength of a warrior to keep going. Yes, we are warriors. Warriors to the end. And, in the end we collapse, literally, in bed.

So, what can we do to replenish our energy to keep us going strong in mind, body, and spirit each day? I have learned some ways that have helped me keep my sanity and energy throughout the day. Now I am not saying that I NEVER collapse into my beloved bed totally exhausted. Because I do have days like that. But, I am able to handle them better by doing a few things. I have also included some of my favorite Bible verses.

1. Realize and accept your limitations. 

Remember that you are human. You can only do so much. Trying to "be all" and "do all" is just not realistic. It can be very energy zapping and frustrating. Believe me, learning to say "no" can be hard. I have been there, but it can be done. Ask yourself, is this something God would want me to add to my plate? Sometimes, you can tell the person you need to think about it first and that you will get back to them by a certain time. Then pray about it and seek God's guidance. God has a specific plan for you and that plan is not the same plan that he has for someone else.

Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Proverbs 19:21: "Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails."

2. God gives support and strength.

I never start my day without some time with God. Even if that means praying during my shower. Yes, you heard that right. I pray in the shower. Praying is one of the first things I do in the morning. And, if I have a very busy day, I use my shower time for my morning prayers.

Prayer is such a comfort for me. I feel like I can do anything with God and so I pray, and pray, and pray. I have what I call my "little mom prayers" throughout the day. For times such as the ice tea jug being spilled all over the kitchen floor. Little mom prayer to the rescue. "God, give me strength and lots of patience to handle this situation. May I be a Godly example on how to handle this. In Jesus name, I pray." Ok, little mom prayer done, take a couple of deep relaxing breaths, and clean up the floor.

3. Have a plan.

I am an organizer and planner. Sometime during the weekend I will put together a plan for the upcoming week. I usually include any appointments or activities, a general guide on how our time will flow for the week, a "to do" list, and a meal plan. One very important guideline to remember: BE REALISTIC with your plan. Don't try to be Superwoman on steroids. Keep in mind #1 from above:realizing your limitations. When I am planning I always plan the most important things first and limit the "to do" list. This way I can almost always accomplish what I have for the day. Do I get disruptions? Do we veer off course? Oh, definitely! That's part of life. I deal with what comes up and then go back to my plan. It may even take some of those "little mom prayers." But, my plan is there waiting to help me get back on track.

4. A few of your favorite things.

Surround yourself with some of your favorite things. A couple of my favorite things are music and candles. When I light a candle it helps to create a relaxing mood and a warm atmosphere. Plus, it makes things smell good, too. Many times I will play music even if it is real soft in the background. I love music! It can stir one's soul to heavenly heights or create a peace and calm like no other. My favorites are classical, hymns, and instrumentals with nature sounds.

5. Get Rest.

I have found that getting enough sleep is of vital importance to the healthy functioning of our bodies and minds. Sad to say, I have learned this the hard way many times. I would stay up late because I wanted to work on whatever for whatever reason was valid in my mind at the time. Then, the next day I was functioning on zombie mode most of the day. After a few days of staying up late my mind would not function well at all. Those days were not pleasant days. I finally came to the realization that I just had to get more sleep. I could not stay up until midnight or 1:00am in the morning anymore. This wife and mom needed sleep to function correctly in order to be my best for those who needed me.

This is when I started limiting my "to do" list. I now have a bedtime routine, and I am in bed no later than 9:30pm most nights. Sometimes 10:00pm if I am able to sleep in a bit the next day. Gotta love those days.

6. Eat healthy and exercise.

I think this is a no brainer. Garbage in, garbage out. I feel better and have more energy when I eat a healthy balanced diet. Years ago, I started making changes to the way we eat in our house. It has not always been easy. And, at times, it still is not easy. This is one reason I love having a meal plan for the week. I also try and do as much of the food prep the weekend before, thus saving me much needed time during the week.

And, just like eating healthy is a no brainer. So is exercising. I used to be really faithful in this area. And, it really paid off as I felt great and looked a few pounds lighter (*sigh* to be that size again.) Although, I do make sure to do stretching each day. I have had problems with my right hip since I went through pregnancy. If I don't keep the muscles stretched, over time it will become uncomfortable to sit or walk for periods of time. So, stretching is always on my agenda. As for cardio and strengthening exercises, finding the best time each day to do this is proving more difficult as time goes by. This is one area in which I need to be more diligent. I know how great I feel when I get some form of exercise daily, so I want to make more of an effort to accomplish this.

These are some things I find important in helping me face each day's challenges. And, each day does brings its own unique challenges. Life is not always perfect or pleasant. It has both good and bad. But, God is always there with us helping and guiding us along our journey of life. Seek Him in all that you do. He will provide you with a peace and calm that only He can. He will give you strength to handle those challenges.

Philippians 4:6-7: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

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History - Hands On Ideas {Part 2}

Friday, April 28, 2017

Welcome back to hands on ideas for learning history. If you have read my first post, you will know that we LOVE history in our home. Over time my excitement for this subject has rubbed off on Little Man who learns best with hands on activities. So, I incorporate as much hands on as I can. It can be a challenge at times to come up with great activities for him to complete.

One day I came across Homeschool in the Woods by Amy Pak. Oh, my goodness! I absolutely feel in love! She does an awesome job creating her various hands on activities for history. We have done a few of them and have enjoyed every minute of the lesson texts and projects. Her Timeline Figures are beautifully done. These are a great addition to our history learning as it provides Little Man with a visual timeline of when events happened.

I do supplement with lots of living books. The resource lists which are provided with each study are very helpful and time saving. I print the resource list off and check our local library for any of the books. Some of the books I do order online for our own library.

History Through the Ages: Time Travelers American History Studies

We have done some of the History Study Time Travelers from Homeschool in the Woods. This fits all my criteria for awesome hands on engaging history lessons. Little Man LOVES, LOVES doing these. Plus, I have learned a lot from the lessons myself. I wish history was this exciting and fun when I was in school.

Each History Study Time Travelers includes a CD-ROM which has all the information on it in PDF format. There are lesson texts which are informative and enjoyable to read. Project pages provide directions and illustrations for each project plus a list of supplies needed. The project pages are very nicely done and explain in detail how to print out the master sheets for each project. The timeline gives a detailed view for that particular period of time.

There are also teacher helps that give ideas on how to plan and organize the lessons. To add additional enrichment to the lessons a resource list of additional books, videos, audios, and websites is included. This saves me valuable time in looking for living books to supplement our learning. There is also a lesson plan schedule included. I like to plan the flow of our lessons myself so I have not utilized the included schedule.

Because I thrive on planning and organization I like to have everything ready before I start the year. The first thing I do is print out the lesson text along with the project pages for all the lessons on the CD-ROM. Then I go through the project pages for each lesson and highlight the projects we are going to complete. Next, I print out all the necessary parts for those projects based on the instructions on the project pages. I paperclip together each lesson separately with the lesson text on top of the project page and printouts. Any miscellaneous items I need for the projects I keep in a storage container ready for when I need it. Then I use the resource list to find additional living books and videos to enhance Little Man's learning. Lastly, I create a three-ring binder to hold all the great lesson texts and projects for the year.

Here are a couple of binders of studies we have completed. I keep them on our bookshelf for future reference. There are times when Little Man will take them off the shelf and look through them.

Here are some completed pages Little Man did with the Time Travelers American History Study: The American Revolution. The American Revolution is by far Little Man's ultimate favorite time in history.

History Through the Ages: Project Passport World History Studies

I was thrilled to see our favorite curriculum also included ancient history studies. The History Through the Ages: Project Passport World History Studies includes ancient Egypt and Greece. It has been a God send in our home. It brought to life ancient history for Little Man in a fun and engaging way which he really has enjoyed. We completed ancient Egypt this year (our first Project Passport). I can't wait to do another one! Oh, yeah, that's right I have some planned for next year. :)

These studies are pretty much similar to the Time Travelers, but they are set up as if you were taking a trip through an ancient time. They include a passport, luggage folder, guide book text, and itinerary. It also includes all the masters you will need for the activities. The traveler aspect puts a fun twist on learning these studies.

I plan and organize these the same as I do for the Time Travelers studies. Here are some projects Little Man completed on Ancient Egypt study.


The History Through the Ages: Hands-On History Activity-Paks include all the materials to complete a lap book and one or two activities. These do not include lesson text. I use these as supplements. We have used bits of the Old and New Testament Activity-Paks to supplement our studies of the Bible.

We did start the Artists Activity-Pak, but is was slow going and didn't seem to keep the interest as much as I hoped it would. Thus, we have not finished this one as of yet. I have found it has been much easier to add artists to this lap book and learn about their techniques each year a little bit at a time.


The History Through the Ages: Hands-On History Lap-Paks are units that include lesson text and all the printable materials to complete a lap book. We have completed the Benjamin Franklin Lap-Pak and also the Knights Lap-Pak. Here are the pages of the Knights lap book Little Man completed. He had so much fun with this Lap-Pak! Perfect for any boy who wants to be a knight in shining armor.

I can't say enough about Homeschool in the Woods. Amy Pak does a phenomenal job! Both Little Man and I have learned so much about history through these. If you are looking to add some excitement and adventure into your history learning, check out Homeschool in the Woods.

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History - Hands On Ideas {Part 1}

Monday, April 24, 2017

In our house, we LOVE history. Especially, American history. Little Man learns best by using hands on activities. So, I like to use curriculum and books that incorporate as much hands on learning as possible. When Little Man was younger I used Evan Moor History Pockets. These are great! He couldn't wait to do history each day.

(This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for full details.)

Each History Pocket book includes:
  • Directions on how to assemble the pocket books
  • Overview page which tells you what will be included in each pocket
  • Pocket label for each pocket
  • Teacher fact sheet with background information for each pocket
  • Student booklet for each pocket
  • Instruction sheet for each activity
  • Depending on the History Pocket book there could be different writing and recording activities
I copied the items out of each book that we used.

We did the History Pockets: Life in Plymouth Colony, Grades 1-3in 1st grade and the History Pockets: Native Americans, Grades 1-3in 2nd grade. After that I incorporated bits and pieces of different History Pocket books into what we were learning for history at the time.

Here are the History Pocket books we did on Plymouth Colony and Native Americans. There are step-by-step instructions in each History Pocket book that tells you how to put together the pocket book in which your student will keep their work. For the Plymouth Colony book I stapled the pocket pages together. But, for the Native American book I used my comb binding machine to put the pages together.

These are some of the pages inside the Plymouth Colony pocket book. Each page gets a pocket label which has the subject of that pocket along with a photo. Inside each pocket I put the student booklet which has the information we would read together. We also put all the completed activities for that subject in that pocket. We usually did one or two pockets a week. And, I incorporated lots of living books on the subject.

In our Native American History Pocket book there were also comparison sheets to record information about each tribe. These were great as they allowed Little Man to compare the different tribes to see how they were the same or different. There was also a map which he added the locations of each tribe.

Another book that really added excitement to our history time was on Interactive 3D Maps for American History. This book states it is for grades 4-8. But, Little Man really wanted to do some maps out of the book before the stated age range. He did pretty good for his age (first and second grade). He colored and cut out the items. But, I had to assemble the maps.

I also like the book Easy Make and Learn Projects for Colonial America by Scholastic. We did a 3D model of Jamestown and a few others from this book.

He had a great time with all the activities from both of these books and spent a long time working on them.


To give you an idea of what a completed interactive 3D map would look like, here are a couple Little Man completed. You create a little slit in which the piece can move. Plus, there are picture markers with bits of information on them.

These are just a few of the books I have utilized to add hands-on activities for Little Man when learning about history. I also supplemented with LOTS of good living history books. It has made for some wonderful history lessons.

Check back for History-Hands On Ideas Part 2 where I will talk about some more great activities we use to make our history lessons lively and fascinating.

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Welcome to Our Marvelous Journey!

Friday, April 14, 2017


I am glad you stopped by on this my "Grand Opening."

I am excited to embark on a new journey in my life!

A blogging journey.

A journey that started out with God impressing on my heart to start reaching out to others through a blog. After much thought and prayer I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for it.

I have named it Our Marvelous Journey because no matter what God puts before us it will always be marvelous because we have faith in his plan for us.

My prayer is that through my blog I will be able to provide support, encouragement and inspiration in my own little unique way in order to help others. I created it for you, my readers.

Each time I work on my blog I pray God will guide and inspire me with words to say that will glorify him and reach out to you and make your life's journey a marvelous one.

If you would like to get to know me a little better, pop on over to my Get to Know Me page.

You can also learn some of the reasons why my husband and I chose to homeschool our one son over at my Why We Homeschool page.

I am excited (even giddy) about all the great things I can write about. I hope you will stop by often and check them out.

So, to keep you until next time . . .

"The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace."
                                  Numbers 6:24-26

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