Multiplication & Division Practice

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Well, I finally finished some multiplication and division practice sheets for Little Man to do during this summer. We will practice some other things he learned this year such as geometry and fractions. But, I needed something to make sure he didn't slide when it comes to multiplication and division.

So, I came up with a bunch of different sheets for him to do which also includes lots of word problems. Some of them are just plain practice sheets and some incorporate a bit more fun such as Help Miss Kitty multiplication and Yummy Cupcake division grid activities.

There are a total of 28 practice sheets. And, I included answer sheets which makes correcting so much easier.

I have included sheets that incorporate:

  • Single digit multiplication
  • Single digit multiplication with carrying
  • Single digit multiplication with addition
  • Three digit by two digit multiplication
  • Grocery shopping word problems
  • Fill in the mission factors
  • Help Miss Kitty grid multiplication activity
  • Division practice sheets
  • Number bonds-multiplication/division fact families
  • Create your own number bonds
  • Yummy Cupcake grid division activity
  • Help Farmer Brown word problems
  • Word problems incorporating multiplication/division

Here are some examples of what I have included:

And, I know Little Man is going to be so very excited to work on these great word problems. ;)

If you would like some extra practice for your kiddos, you can find these multiplication and division practice sheets here in my store.

Even though we have a summer break I still try to make sure Little Man doesn't slide when it comes to math. That happened to us one year and it took almost two months to get back to where he was from the previous year.  So, we take about 10 minutes three to four times a week to practice some math. And, I do something different each time. For example, one day I will have him practice adding fractions, the next multiplication/division practice, another geometry, and so on. I also look for ways during our day to test his knowledge. I just made chocolate chip cookies recently (and, yes, they were delicious and gooey ;). I doubled the recipe so I had Little Man figure out all the measurements I needed. This was great practice!

It is so easy for kids to slide during the summer months. But, a little practice time goes a long way to creating a more easy and peaceful math start up when we start our new year in August.

So, until next time, I pray God will bless you and keep you.

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